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VintageInsta-Flares (68) Pack

Real lens flares from real vintage lenses. Now create stunning and

unique lens flares to add depth and glamour to your footage.


 We used real vintage lenses to create real, stunning and unique lens flares that you can easily overlay in any  non-linear editing software.  These incredible vintage flares  comes in a 68 pack.  Each flare has its own unique look. Each flare is HD 1080p format. Included in the download are  ProRes for Mac and  H.264 for PC.


  • Real Lens Flares
    68 pack real vintage lens flares that you can’t buy anywhere else.
  • Available for instant download
    Just download and extract the files.
  • Easy to use
    Just apply Vintage Insta-Flares above your footage in the timeline and change the transparency to screen mode.
  • All flares are customizable
    Customize Vintage Insta-Flares using the contrast and brightness filter in you editing software.  With this, you will be able to increase the softness  or the sharpness of  the lens flare.


  • 24 pack of the original Insta-Flares
  • 15 pack sexy Retro Blue Flares
  • 15 pack stunning flickering flares
  • 15 pack static flares
  • HD 1080p ProRes and H.264
  • Instant Download
  • Cross Platform/Application Compatible

Vintage Insta-Flare Examples:

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Today only  $50.00

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