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Ignition Firework (19) Pack

Digital VFX (visual effect) firework explosions you can easily add

to your videos to give it a FLASH and a BANG!

19 Digital Firework effects you can easily composite onto your videos with a drag n’ drop. Each firework has its own unique explosion and color.

Each firework is HD 1080p, H.264 Format.


  • Available for instant download
    Just download and extract the files.
  • Easy to use
    Simply changing your ‘Composite Mode’ to ‘Screen’ or ‘Add’ will give you instant results.
  • Synergy
    Adding several fireworks on top of each other, a lens flare or some extra glow will give your firework effects that final touch.


  • 19 Digital Firework Effects
  • Large, small and multiple explosions
  • Each with its own unique color
  • Solid Black Background
  • HD 1080p JPG 2000 Format
  • Instant Download
  • Cross Platform/Application Compatible

Today only $19.99

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